Aquatic Landscaping

Small Garden Pool

Bubbling spring, flowing down a stream under a timber bridge, using Blue Pennant stone into a 1.2 metre deep pool circulated back round with a pump and a filter to keep the water clear.

Garden Pool

Large pool about 15 metres longĀ  and 1.5 metres deep built with Haunton stone and stocked with fish. The design features an independently circulating spring bursting down a stream.

The plants in the final pictures haven’t fully matured yet so there’s still an element of algal bloom. As the plants mature the water will become crystal clear.

Large Natural Pool

Originally a large overgrown pool full of bullrushes. About 50 metres long by 20 metres wide it is fed by a small stream which runs for about quarter of the year. It’s completely natural and not lined. When we started the project, old silt was dug out, contoured and the bed replanted.


There are three different streams shown in this gallery. Whilst the first design is very new our aim is to make the streams look as if they’re worn into the surrounding landscape.

Streams can be a variety of width and length, with a minimum fall 10cm over10 metres which we cut into the landscape. All designs incorporate filters to keep the water crystal clear and a pump to recycle the water.

Pond & Pool Maintenance

Not only do Henley landscapes construct ponds and pools, but they also have specialise in pond maintenance and water clarity.

Pond Cleaning and Pond Maintenance