Water Features

Garden Water Feature Samples

stepped garden water feature

A small stepped rill, built alongside a path, with a backlit water fall to refract the light as the stream drops down into a Koi carp pool.

Henley Landscapes supply all the materials needed to construct the stone path, rill and Koi carp pool and incorporate the lighting and pumps needed to create the backlit waterfall.

We can also help with any cleaning and maintenance of your water features to keep them free from Algae and ensure the water quality remains clear.

Small Garden Ideas

small water feature built into garden step

Wood and water don’t generally mix, but this small plastic treated recycled timber creates an interesting water feature with two pools side by side, one pool dropping into the other.

This style of feature can be incorporated into any design, but is ideal where space is limited.

Henley landscapes tailor the exact design to your requirements and then construct into a working garden water feature with all the plants.


large stone water featureBubbling Rock Water Feature

This type of water feature gives an effect similar to a candle flame. With a flickering of water and just enough movement to cover the rock which catches the eye. Bubbling rocks also have a gentle quiet noise.


This drilled boulder is about 1 metre x 1 metre, weighing 3/4 tonne, but we can find bolders of almost any size to meet your requirements. The boulders are sourced from North Wales where they are transported back to the Henley Landscapes facility in Stratford-upon-Avon where we have in house equipment to drill the bolder and fit sumps and water pump to the underside.

Drilled Slate Monolinthmonolinth water feature

Individually selected slate from quarries in North Wales can be turned into a beautiful water feature.

We drill through the rock and fit a pump underneath to creating an effect where water cascades over the slate. The monolinth needs to be fitted in a shallow pool to allow a pump to recycle the water and cater for water evaporation. Your monolinths can be created in a variety of sizes, from 18″ up to 10ft high.

Henley Landscapes select the right sized slate for your garden design, convert it into a water feature sitting in a shallow pool and connect the water from your mains supply to the pump within the slate monolinth.


 modern garden water featureSmall Garden Design

This is a complete garden pool, with a bubbling boulder in the corner. The pool is kept clear by an inline pressure filter which giver the clarity of water.

Henley Landscapes make and supply the decking, bespoked coloured gravel and drill through the rock to create a bubbling boulder and fit filters to keep the water crystal clear. Each garden design can be created to your wishes.


contemporary garden water featureContemporary Garden Design

Built as a show garden for BBC’s Gardeners World at the NEC in Birmingham, this contemporary garden design called “Symmetry in motion” won a RHS medal.

This design uses mirrors to create an illusion where the garden appears to continue into infinity.

The effect is achieved with a large wood framed mirror at the back of the garden and using purple glass fronted pyramid water features, with mirrored backs. To make things sparkle we used reflective blocks, (similar to those used on traffic islands), crushed glass and crushed aluminium.


Street Urn Water Feature

Urn Water Feature

Henley Landscapes pride themself in being able to recycle objects into garden ornaments.

Basically, if it can hold water, we can convert it into an interesting water feature.



Waterfall and Springlimestone waterfall water feature

This garden was constructed on overgrown woodland using limestone from a quarry in the Cotswolds.

The design brief was to create something that looks as if it has been there for years and years.

This picture was taken on the day of completion so you can imagine how mature it looks now plants have had time to grow and spread across the water feature.

As you can see, Henley Landscapes have the experience and capability to design and create beautiful gardens with an aquatic slant using features that will be unique to you.

We undertake small projects, but we can also handle large and grand designs.

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