Garden Construction Process

Unlike television makeover programs, this does not happen in 2 days! The length of time we spend on site obviouslydepends on the size of your project, but we can be with you for several weeks.

We always give an indication of the project length when we give you our quote.

We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high standard of our construction. It is constantly reviewed throughout the job and we would rather re-build anything we are not happy with, than leave any aspect of the construction at a sub standard level.

The materials we use are all top quality and we are constantly researching and updating our procedures, so as to work more efficiently. Wherever possible, all work is carried out to British Standards.

protecting-your-garden during garden landscapingProtecting your property

Our landscape teams take great care to protect your land and property during a project. Any existing hard surfaces such as driveways or paths are protected against damage from deliveries or machinery.

Lawned areas are also protected against damage to the best of our ability. If any unforseen reinstatement is needed at the end of the project, over and above the quoted price, this is carried out at our cost.

All of out construction Foremen have excellent communication skills and are both approachable and knowledgeable. The teams show respect for the client’s privacy and try to keep disturbance to a minimum.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that your garden will look much worse before it gets better – but it will all be worth it for the end result!!