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Planting Seasonal Bedding Plants




Unlike any other new product your new garden will improve with age. Trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants will increase in size. Aquatic plants will become established, wildlife will be attracted and ponds will be clear. Each year will bring significant changes to the planting.

‘Low maintenance’ is often a client request. This is not the same as ‘no maintenance’.

Plants are living things and all gardens require some degree of care. You may prefer to do this yourself or to have regular maintenance undertaken by our horticultural maintenance division.

Lawn Mowing


Lawn Mowing Service


Services range from weekly mowing contracts, to full garden maintenance or seasonal specialist visits.

Lawn Treatments


Lawn Treatment Service in Warwickshire

We offer treatments throughout the year. In the spring time we primarily treat for the removal of moss, shortly after that treatment we put down a general purpose fertilizer for the summer months to promote healthy growth and the following week (if the weather conditions are suitable) we put down a selective weed killer.

The spring Lawn care is performed over three treatments in the right weather conditions; It needs to be damp for the moss treatment, wet for the fertilizer treatment and dry for the weed killer treatment.

Top Dressing

Spring is an ideal time for top dressing, the process of spreading quality soil over the lawn area to fill bumps, dips and divots to give a flatter lawn area. Soil is graded down and then over-seaded. Specific mixes of grass seed can be used in shaded area to promote a health lawn.

Autumn Lawn Treatments

As the weather becomes colder, moss spores stop reproducing making it the ideal time for Lawn Scarifying, which removes much of the dead thatch and moss. After scarifying this can be an ideal time for overseeding, which we can then follow up with an autumn fertliser.

Hedge Cutting

hedge cutting service coventry & warwickshire

Hedge cutting service throughout Coventry & Warwickshire



If you have any hedges that need cutting, whether they are large or small, we have qualified staff that can take care of your needs.



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