Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction Skills

Landscape gardening is made up of two elements, the garden design and garden construction.

Every project Henley Landscapes work on is unique as each client has their own ideas and the landscape to turn the garden design concept into reality varies.

Often in order to create the garden, the landscape has to be levelled, shaped, raised, irrigated or drained. The Henley Landscapes team has the necessary expertise and experience to build and contour landscapes. On a small scale this involves building a garden retaining wall and for large scale projects could involve reinforcing the earth with gabion baskets, piling and other major civil engineering techniques.

After the landscape has been cut, other skills are required for the physical construction of the various elements.

  • We build garden walls, create stepping stones, garden paths and dry stone garden walls.
  • We work on pumps for water features, waterfalls and elements of garden lighting.

It is only after the landscaping features have been installed that the soft landscaping can take place. Whilst our herbaceous, soft plants and aquatic stocks are sourced from nurseries in Britain, quality large mature trees and shrubs are often sourced from Europe. Our regular sourcing trips to Tuscany in Italy allow us to offer clients more variety at comparible prices to what is available in the UK.

Large mature trees (up to around 9 metres high)  can be imported on low loader vehicles. Specialist lifting equipment is used to safely relocate the trees into your garden giving an instant effect.

Whether you want someone to complet a landscaping job from design to finished construction, or you need specialist help on a landscape construction project for your own client, Henley Landscapes can help.

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Ditch Clearing

landscape construction ditch clearing

Ditch Clearing


landscape construction - fencing


Gabion Baskets for retaining walls

landscape construction gabion baskets

Gabion Baskets


Gabion Baskets

Garden Walls

landscape construction garden wall

Garden Wall




Landscape Construction Piling


Landscape Construction – Rock Anchors

landscape construction rock anchors

Rock Anchors

Rock Grab

landscape construction rock grab

Rock Grab

Landscaping with Mature trees


Constructing a Show Garden

Henley Landscapes have created many RHS medal winning show gardens, which are a real challenge in terms of both creative design and the ability to complete something of beauty to a schedule. Starting from a flat site, we had 14 days  to buld the garden in the gallery below. In normal circumstances this would take 3 months, but for the show we worked minimum 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. Because water doesn’t flow up hill, we had to create a huge amount of slope through a mixture of “cut and fill” used with creative design.

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